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2nd) On MONDAY MARCH 28th at the BLUE NOTE,come young,come all to a very special show by PURPOSE RECORDS Flautist....MONET. MONET has been marked at #17 on the ISPYSOUL.COM Top 20 CDs sales for February 2005 and at this show at the BLUENOTE,she will have some very important INDIE artists on the scene such as MARLON SAUNDERS and MAYA AZUCENA to give you a taste. I can't tell you gotta come out and check out the show. That's MONDAY, MARCH 28th at The BLUENOTE 131 W.3rd STREET 8PM 3rd) WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30th at SUITE 16.......KELLI SAE.... one of Incognito's song birds will be performing LIVE at 8pm Tickets with ISH at BONDY'S MUSIC are $12 (call 212-962-2662) SUITE 16 is on the corner of 16th Street and 8th Avenue. (Get your tickets NOW while they're still available. This will be an excellent show)

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