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Can't Wait

So when I was thinking and searching for subject matter for the coming album, I began to think about how I’d lived far apart from my parents all of my adult life. I began to reminisce about growing up in the Chappell household and how important it was in preparing my siblings and I for life. Our upbringing is what you would expect of a typical southern black middle class family. We were happy … not perfect, but happy. So, I said to myself why not write a song about it and put it on the next album. I wanted to write a song you can put on while cooking and cleaning, a song you can literally smell the aroma of mother’s finest coming from the kitchen, a song that reminds you of holidays spent with family, a song that takes you back. I know this is not everyone’s experience, but a lot of what comes to us during the creative process is what we are living or what we have lived. This was my space at the time I penned the first single “Mama and Papa”, from the forthcoming album Seven-Eleven.The  single drops November 18, 2022 along with the world premiere of the Official Video Mama and Papa 11.18.22 9pm EST US onYouTube. I can’t wait to share and hoping you'll hang out with us for the premiere. https://youtu.be/cqA6MRKiq5I

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Tommy Chappell


As we Move Closer to sharing new music

When I listen to today’s music I’m hearing everything. So I say… “why not be as authentic as we can by creating music that feels good to us and hopefully… just maybe it’ll feel good to the listener. Not necessarily the masses, though that would be nice, meaning other like minded listeners. This would be validation enough for me. These are my thoughts as we get closer to sharing new music.



So I'm Thinking 

So I’m thinking. On our forthcoming album, how we tell a story of celebration. We celebrate Trish’s stunning attributes and their positive effect. We dance to the music on this record. She loved to dance, been that way since she could walk and did it all with a smile that kills. Oh, but then we really breakdown who she was and what she meant to many, beautiful inside and out. Then there’s mama and papa, nothing but love for them, enough said. Let’s marinade on that for a while. There’s plenty more to come…

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Music Fan Fan of the Music 

First and foremost I’m a music fan, a fan of the music. As music artists we don’t always have the opportunity to sit back relax and enjoy the music we've created. Recently on a flight back to New York, I had the rare opportunity to do so. There are two albums we recorded,Something Good and Don’t Let Go alone with another currently in the making. I reclined in my seat put on the headphones turned up the volume and became immersed in art we’d created, without having to concern myself with whether this or that…

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New Music 

So we’re working on our next record and needless to say it has not been easy. This is going to be our first album since the the passing of Trish Chappell, The other T in TN’T(Trish N’ Tom). Trish was our lead singer which made her the heart and soul of TN’T or at least fifty percent of the funky duo. That makes recording this record very emotional. Though this is going to be great music I’m not really sure this is going to be an album people will be interested in listening to, but it’s personal. I say this…

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The Passing of Patricia M. Jackson-Chappell 

                                   The Passing of Patricia M. Jackson-Chappell
                                               (aka Trish)

Yes, it was three years ago Trish was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer (GBM) and one and a half years since her transition. On May 11,2016  she lost a fierce battle with the disease. Having her by my side in so many battles I knew she was fearless, but the class, humor and bravery she displayed during her time of illness blew me away. It’s been a very difficult

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Why We Released DLG in Cd Format 

Why we chose to release our new album "Don't Let Go" in cd format and not just as a digital download. It was just a few years ago the word on the street was CDs are dead. Well today there could be some truth to that. Many music artists are releasing their albums in digital download format only. You can say this makes sense in the age of Apple Music, Amazon, all the different music streaming services, etc. We're finding a lot of people don't even own a CD player. For us, it's not just about the way a vast…

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Don't Let Go 

Don't Let Go (DLG) is our third album release. This was truly a fun record to make. We've always presented the listener with music that is fun, real, energetic, of substance and uplifting all at the same time. DLG is no different. With each release our intent is to take the listener higher. Our taste for musical styles vary, so when we write and record this is reflected in the music. One of the first things you'll noticed is the variety. We take our listeners many places, it's a musical journey. DLG crosses…

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New Single 'Today' 

"Today" is the first single from our soon to be released CD entitled "Don't Let Go". It's a soulful earthy track, with a strong soulful and earthty beat. The vibe is positive. This is feel good happy music, written and recorded to uplift.

"Today" features Trish on lead vocals and Danny Kean on acoustic guitar.

The main inspiration for this track, came one morning as I observed how Trish starts her day when she has time off. She rises early, grabs a cup of coffee and a newspaper, yes I said a newspaper. Then…

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Success Is Relative 


Just the other day a colleague of ours posted on one of the social networks, her mother said to her she was wasting her time pursuing a music career. In her post, she seem to be asking the question did anyone agree. Well you know I had to immediately post a comment. My comment was simply , my mother said the same thing to me a long time ago and that she shouldn't be surprised. That's what parents do, they love their children and want the best for them. I went on to say to her that it's her life, therefore… Read more

Our Approach To Making Music 

Our approach to making music is simple. We write and record songs that fit our lifestyle…Songs that fit in terms of our musical abilities. In other words, songs we sound good performing.

This is plain reasoning, if the song is relevant in terms of who we are as persons that means we love it. If we love it, then other like minded will love it. That's cool.

About Our New Music 

About our new music. One thing we take pride in is bringing joy to others. This is something we keep in mind when we create music. We believe bringing happiness helps to uplift which is important to us. If you've ever been to one of our live shows you've seen this in full effect.

This new record is more of what we've already given you. If we can help bring happiness for just a moment then we know we have had an impact. We try doing this mostly by being an example. When you hear, see, meet TN'T(Trish N'

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