Music Fan Fan of the Music

First and foremost I’m a music fan, a fan of the music. As music artists we don’t always have the opportunity to sit back relax and enjoy the music we've created. Recently on a flight back to New York, I had the rare opportunity to do so. There are two albums we recorded,Something Good and Don’t Let Go alone with another currently in the making. I reclined in my seat put on the headphones turned up the volume and became immersed in art we’d created, without having to concern myself with whether this or that was correct or even more, how the music would be received by listeners. I got so caught up in how great the music was sounding I honestly didn’t notice the landing of the plane. My conclusion was we’ve written and recorded some really great music. Let me encourage you to take a listen for yourself, I think you’ll agree. Click on or copy and paste into your browser any of these links to check us out.


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