TN'T (Trish N' Tom)

Welcome to home of TN'T (Trish N' Tom). Our mission is to bring  joy and happiness into lives through music. Come and go with us as we take you on a musical journey. We simply describe our music as "Good Music”. There are no gimmicks here, just a whole lot of love, soul, and funk. The music is progressive and encompasses many styles... soul, jazz, funk, gospel, rock, hip hop, house, etc. So we intensely concentrate on creating music that will lift the listener and hopefully help make the world a better place. Yes, is all about love and happiness.
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Tom Chappell


We are super excited about our next album, currently in production. When completed, this will be our first album since the passing of Trish Chappell(aka TN’T TRISH N’ TOM). A tribute to an incredibly talented vocalist, musician, bandmate, ride or die, humanitarian, soulmate, and all around beautiful human being. Our forthcoming project is an authentic unique sounding collection of tracks guaranteed to move, groove and soothe. This album will be filled with conviction, emotion and yet still in the moment. It’s rocking with high voltage up tempo dance, some fried chicken style soul and funk. There’s some mid tempo groove giving us a chance to reminisce and we couldn’t leave out a few heartfelt ballads. We use the term “To Be Continued” because we continue to rock with the spirit of Trish. It’s going to be worth the listen and more.

Tom Chappell (aka TN’T)

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By Tom Chappell (aka TN'T)

In Memory Of Trish Chappell