Welcome To The Party

"Welcome To The Party" was a real event .... all of the tracks on our

"Welcome To The Party" was a real event .... all of the tracks on our "Something Good" cd were inspired by something that actually happened. Welcome To The Party is one track that happens to be on my mind at this moment. Here's how it went down. Trish reached a milestone in her life. So we decided to celebrate by throwing the mother of all parties...well it wasn't our intent to throw the mother of all parties, that's just how it happened. To be honest with you, at first I didn't want to throw the party.... too much money. Trish was determine, so I reluctantly gave in. Anyway it ended up being a fab affair. We spent the money and invited all of the beautiful people we could think of. There were no barriers... ages eight to eighty, etc., etc., etc, hope you're getting the picture. There was a moment during the party we sort of stopped and took a mental picture of what was going on.... all these beautiful people, inside and out, children running around , the elderly laid back, chill'n, it were as if the so called generation gap didn't exist... not a single A-hole in attendance on that day. But then again what else should we have expected, we have a tendency to surround ourselves with beautiful people. And if all that had transpired weren't enough Trish climaxed the evening with a mini-concert. As one person said it best "It wasn't just a party it was an event and a production". We had so much fun that day and evening. People still talk'n....Thus the track "Welcome To The Party" was born. For real ya'll.

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