For The Love Of It

Why after all these years, after all the heartache, pain, disappointment, rejection, humiliation, late nights, long trips, little money and so on and so on, do we continue in a business that is as cruel as they come? A business where there are literally thousands, maybe even millions of artists, musicians, singers, writers, etc. competing for the eyes and ears of listeners. A business where sometimes the phone never stops ringing, or at times doesn't ring at all. A business where you may or may not get paid for your work. A business where it doesn't matter how awesome of a song written, but how many units are sold or not how awesome you are as a live performer, but how many asses (term used by some promoters to describe attendance at shows) can be put in the seats. A business where you stand a better chance of winning mega lotto than you do having real success in the business itself. A business where most who are fortunate enough to make somewhat of a living, end up with none of the basic things one needs to survive once they reach senior status. Such basic things as a retirement fund, adequate health insurance, or in some cases food and a roof over your head. A business where you're only as good as the last song you sing, write, play, record, or whatever. A business where so many of the most talented and gifted have given up. A business where you're constantly reminded of the odds against you. A business where there is no real love, but only green, the green being money. You see this list of why would you or why would we continue in this business might seem to some as torture or at best is difficult for the average person to understand. In fact, we could go on and on. Oh yeah, I'm talking about the music business. But if we think about it, this could be any business, the same applies across the board.

In spite of all these things and a whole lot more. This is still the path we have chosen and quite frankly we feel extremely blessed to spread love, peace, joy, happiness, art, and all things that are good...Let the church say amen. For every kudos received big or small it makes the journey worth it all. It's For The Love Of It, this is why TN'T(Trish N Tom) have not given up on the struggle ... And it's fun.

Tom Chappell


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