'Something Good' - CD

'Something Good' is the title of the newest release from TN'T on their tritom music label. This CD consist of 17 tracks, all filled with as much love, emotion, sincerity, and energy as the listener can handle. We guarantee you won't fall a sleep on this record.

It starts out with the question. What is soul? The obvious answer is it's all soul as long as it's coming from within. Yes 'Soul Music'(In A Hip Hop World), featuring the lead vocals of Trish and a blaz'n guitar solo from Debbie Knapper... let's take it back to when ya'll. Then Trish and Tom 'Welcome You To The Party'(enough said). How about the emotion filled ballad '2 Be Loved' (everybody desires to be loved), this song is the real deal. Lets' not forget the title track 'Something Good' ( most appropriate for this cd). Oh yeah... you can get your dance on as well 'Anyway you Want It'. What about the sure to be a hit 'Bet Your $'. 'Something Good' offers one soulful stop after another.

TN'T keeps bringing it and bringing it and bringing it!!!! This disc is a must have. Introducing to the world, 'Something Good'!!!!!!! P.S. We thank you in advance for supporting independent music. Discounted Right Now @ CD BABY

TNT (Trish & Tom): Something Good

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TNT (Trish & Tom): Something Good

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