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                                  SEASON'S GREETINGS

Seasons Greetings, Family, Friends, Fellow Music Lovers. We hope all is well and if not, our prayers are with you. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best Holiday Season ever and to thank you for your support in 2011. Whether it was purchasing a cd, signing our mailing list, visiting us here at, coming to a show, downloading a mp.3, a hello in passing, spreading the word about us, friending us on FB, following us on twitter or just a thought in your mind. Believe us, it all adds up and energizes us.

Another years' journey is coming to a end and although we didn't accomplish all we set out to, it has still been a great year. We have traveled abroad and domestically. Made many appearances and with that has come lots of new friends. We're excited about the coming year as we're closer to completion of our forthcoming project. We missed our release date in 2011, but the progress has been significant and we're feeling lovely. By the way, "Something Good" and "Sweet Like Honey" are still available as CDs or digital downloads.

As mentioned earlier, we have made many appearances this year. Next year we're planning more featured performances. If you need us, call us we'll be there, "Bet Your Money" on that ... ummm, sounds like a song we wrote (lol)(Laughter is good). Some of you have made your way onto our mailing list and don't know how you got here, we may not even know how you got here. If you do not wish to receive occasional mailings from us, you can opt out at the bottom of the page.

We hope that you will stay in touch by following us here at and on the various social networks. Do us a big favor and spread the word. We know ya'll love us, so we thank you in advance. Again Happy Holidays, be well and as always, we love ya'll. See you in 2012.

Please don't forget those who are not as fortunate.

light, laugh, love,

love, peace, and hair grease

TN'T(Trish N' Tom)

P.S. We love it when you holla back.

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The Passing of Trish M. Jackson-Chappell(akaTrish)

Yes, it was three years ago Trish was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer (GBM) and one and a half years since her transition. On May 11,2016  she lost a fierce battle with the disease. Having her by my side in so many battles I knew she was fearless, but the class, humor and bravery she displayed during her time of illness blew me away. It’s been a very difficult period for our family. Our time together in life and especially her last year and a half was so precious. There will be memories forever. You see Trish was many things to many.  She was sunshine, a comedian, always laughing and always looking up. To me she was my very best friend, my wife, business associate, the Trish in TN’T(Trish N’ Tom), my partner at Trish was a daughter, sister to her siblings, an aunt to her many nieces and nephews, a niece to her aunts and uncles, a  godmother, a daughter-in law, sister-in-law. Trish was a friend and confidant to others. She was a super talented vocalist, oh and I never knew anyone who could out dance her. She was an asset to the community we live in, faithful to God and the church she attended. The list goes on forever. Yes, Trish was a superstar as one half of TN’T(Trish N’ Tom), but she was also a superstar in life. It was a privilege and honor to have been her primary caregiver. This is truly a loss that is not easy to recover from. However, I’m so thankful to have had her in my life even if for just a season. I find comfort in knowing that her time on earth was well spent. She touched the lives of everyone she crossed paths with. Trish made all of us feel special.

We have begun to move forward, live, enjoy and love life as Trish would have wanted. No one loved life as she did. TN’T will continue to write and record great music and do so in memory of one of its founding members Patricia Marie Jackson-Chappell (aka Trish). We are currently recording new music for 2018 and have just finished shooting a new video for our song “Pray”. In addition, we are working with director Joseph H. James Jr., along with composers Gil Small, Robin Small, Randy Wilson, Martin Caba and Monet Dunham on a Broadway bound musical. Hopefully we’ll see you at some live shows in the future. We encourage you to visit us at, though there will be changes there are plenty of memories. As always feel free to holla.

Trish has gone to heaven to be one of Gods greatest singing angels. Her spirit shall forever live. However, we’re not done, the headline reads “To Be Continued”.

light, laugh, and love

Tom Chappell (TN’T)

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