We're working hard to bring new music to you. The excitement of creating this music is building with every new song. Yes, it's taking us a minute to get it together, but that's only because it's important to us, we continue to bring real good music to our listening audience. We always say good music last forever. You can play it, listen to it and never get tired of it. At present we don't have a name for the project we're working on. We're still undecided whether to release an EP or LP, EP being an extended play 4 to 7 tracks and LP being 10 tracks or more. One thing we are sure of, is that every track completed as of today's post is right in line with the standards TN'T(Trish n Tom) have set for good music. If you don't know what that standard is, check our most recent release "Something Good", this CD consist of 17 songs... plenty to hold you over. It's important to have fun when creating new music. The more fun we're having the better the music. If you rush yourself and put pressure on yourself to complete a project just for the sake of having something in the marketplace, then it really becomes too much like work. For us that's not a good ingredient for making good music. One of the pros of being independent artists is being able to take your time and making sure the music you create is really you. We have to be happy, if we're happy our audience is going to be happier. So far the material we're working on is a combination of songs about relationships, love for oneself, and just plain old living life to its fullest. We try to stay away from the negative, let someone else deal with that. It's not our intention to come with the positive feel good stuff, it's just natural. We write about what is real in our lives ... well most of the time anyway. So if you're into what a positive relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend or wife or husband or whatever floats your boat could be like, or if you just want a happy feeling, our forthcoming project is going to be for you. Those who have followed us through the years know that if you ask us about influences. We'll say our main influences have been the music of the seventies, Earth, Wind & Fire, Labelle, Curtis Mayfield, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Bootsy Collins, Minnie Riperton, George Clinton, etc. This is where we get ourselves in trouble, we start naming names, there are just too many. It was a very good era for soul and funk music. We try to take the music that has influenced us most and produce it for todays' audience. Yes, it's going to make you feel good about life, it's going to make you dance, it's going make you happy. Yes, talking about some good music y'all. This is the first of many blogs we will post here at tritommusic.com. We plan on discussing things not only relevant to TN'T (Trish N Tom). We'll be giving you our take on many other topics related to music and entertainment, especially indie soul. Also be on the look out for a more in depth view of our forthcoming project, audio clips, song titles, guest artists, etc. Your comments are welcome, feel free to get back at us.

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The Passing of Trish M. Jackson-Chappell(akaTrish)

Yes, it was three years ago Trish was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer (GBM) and one and a half years since her transition. On May 11,2016  she lost a fierce battle with the disease. Having her by my side in so many battles I knew she was fearless, but the class, humor and bravery she displayed during her time of illness blew me away. It’s been a very difficult period for our family. Our time together in life and especially her last year and a half was so precious. There will be memories forever. You see Trish was many things to many.  She was sunshine, a comedian, always laughing and always looking up. To me she was my very best friend, my wife, business associate, the Trish in TN’T(Trish N’ Tom), my partner at tritommusic.com. Trish was a daughter, sister to her siblings, an aunt to her many nieces and nephews, a niece to her aunts and uncles, a  godmother, a daughter-in law, sister-in-law. Trish was a friend and confidant to others. She was a super talented vocalist, oh and I never knew anyone who could out dance her. She was an asset to the community we live in, faithful to God and the church she attended. The list goes on forever. Yes, Trish was a superstar as one half of TN’T(Trish N’ Tom), but she was also a superstar in life. It was a privilege and honor to have been her primary caregiver. This is truly a loss that is not easy to recover from. However, I’m so thankful to have had her in my life even if for just a season. I find comfort in knowing that her time on earth was well spent. She touched the lives of everyone she crossed paths with. Trish made all of us feel special.

We have begun to move forward, live, enjoy and love life as Trish would have wanted. No one loved life as she did. TN’T will continue to write and record great music and do so in memory of one of its founding members Patricia Marie Jackson-Chappell (aka Trish). We are currently recording new music for 2018 and have just finished shooting a new video for our song “Pray”. In addition, we are working with director Joseph H. James Jr., along with composers Gil Small, Robin Small, Randy Wilson, Martin Caba and Monet Dunham on a Broadway bound musical. Hopefully we’ll see you at some live shows in the future. We encourage you to visit us at www.tritommusic.com, though there will be changes there are plenty of memories. As always feel free to holla.

Trish has gone to heaven to be one of Gods greatest singing angels. Her spirit shall forever live. However, we’re not done, the headline reads “To Be Continued”.

light, laugh, and love

Tom Chappell (TN’T)



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